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Mischa Pearlman is a music journalist and writer based in Portland, OR. He has published two books of poetry, written an HBO-affiliated podcast, consulted for a bunch of music companies, appeared on panels, sold his soul doing more commercial work and has allllllmost finished his first novel.

He is always up for writing artist bios, reviews, newsletters and features, doing news shifts, and even (shhhh) commercial copywriting stuff.

"i dot my t's and cross my i's..."

My Latest Work

With Here and Now, Gates Return From the Almost Dead

Being told you’re cancer-free should be cause for joyous celebration. But Gates vocalist/guitarist Kevin Dye was also struck by a more negative reaction when told an operation to remove a cancerous growth on his lungs was completely successful. It sent him into a deep spiral of existential depression.

He’d first noticed something was wrong in April and May 2018, when he noticed he was repeatedly getting pneumonia. After numerous trips to the doctor, tests determined he had cancer. About a month
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