La Dispute, No Sleep, 'The Wave' And Somewhere… Revisited, 10 Years On

A decade on, Somewhere… , in all its re-amped glory, remains as powerful and moving as ever. It is, as it was, an unrelenting torrent of bleak desperation, full of rage at the futility of trying to claw back something that’s long since gone, something (or someone) who was so close and dear to you, that was an inextricable part of you, but which is now removed, vanished, separated by a body of water that will never – ever – let you get close to it again.

"I Still Have A Violent Streak In Me… It Feels Like There’s Always A Lightning Storm In There"

"All marriage is is a fucking piece of paper. Our wedding was the best wedding I’ve ever been to. It was fucking beautiful and not your typical wedding. It was one of the best times I ever had, but when money and the ‘this is mine and this is yours’ garbage come into play, you’re writing from a place of anger rather than hurt, because somebody is bleeding you dry – whether it’s monetarily or emotionally or, in my case, both. It’s a different kind of pain, but by the time it gets to paper and through a guitar and on to a tape it’s pretty much the same thing. Pain is pain."

An Emotional Journey Through The Weird And Otherwordly Universe Of Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals

Whether you see this album as a dystopian reflection of the modern world – one that seems even more accurate two decades later, no less – a rumination on the wonder and worthlessness of love, a simple warning against doing too many drugs or something in between, the one thing it always is is a reminder that we are forever trapped and constrained by our own insignificance and mortality.

Making Friends, Melting Wax and Following Sparks – Washed Up Emo –

One of the best albums of 2017 was just seven tracks long. It was a record full of romantic longing, of gritty but poetic narratives that encompassed love, loss and politics, of catchy songs that felt like they’d been waiting a lifetime to heard. It was an album that exploded with light from the moment it began but which tempered that with an underlying sense of trauma and devastation. It’s an intense listen, one that shakes you to your core and makes you wonder how you got through life without
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