The Worst Fonts In Metal And Hardcore —

Never underestimate the power of a good font. Even in the world of rock and metal, this still rings true. Think Iron Maiden or Metallica got famous just because of their songs? Wrong: they likely wouldn’t be the superstars they are today had they not used such iconic lettering. And the biggest part of that — as anyone who used the Metallica font generator that went viral a while ago can tell you — is the font in one’s band name or album title. Sadly, not every band cares about graphic design. In

Panda Bear’s Noah Lennox Hopes New Record “Buoys” Can Be “An Antidote to the Poison”

"I wouldn’t say it’s an escape as much as an antidote to the poison. I feel—and not just in the States—that there seems to be this wave of division and of keeping the outsiders out. I wanted to make something that encouraged or presented the opposite sort of feeling, something that felt more like an embrace, something that was opening the door rather than shutting it."

La Dispute, No Sleep, 'The Wave' And Somewhere… Revisited, 10 Years On

A decade on, Somewhere… , in all its re-amped glory, remains as powerful and moving as ever. It is, as it was, an unrelenting torrent of bleak desperation, full of rage at the futility of trying to claw back something that’s long since gone, something (or someone) who was so close and dear to you, that was an inextricable part of you, but which is now removed, vanished, separated by a body of water that will never – ever – let you get close to it again.
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